Washington State Couple Robbed of Blackjack Winnings
Blackjack is a common game found at top casinos and continues to be a top choice for live gamblers. The game is easy to play and is entertaining, not to mention can result in major cash winnings. Every blackjack player dreams of hitting a big prize that can be splurged at the end of the night but most winners do not imagine said win to be taken from them. A couple from Washington State recently had their hopes dashed when a $6,000 win was stolen from them after the fact.

The couple, who remain nameless, won over $6,000 while playing blackjack at the Shoreline Casino located on Aurora. The couple went home in the early morning hours of August 4th only to be followed by two criminals who stole the cash.

Once the man got out of his vehicle, he was grabbed and then punched in the face. Two men had grabbed the man and a third man did the punching, which took place several times. The wife then heard the men asking where the money was and $100 was taken from the husband while the $6,000 was taken from the wife’s purse. The men then drove away from the scene in a silver Audi.

During the investigation, the officers went back to the casino and spoke with security to find that the husband in this case is known to gamble quite a bit of money at the casino. The wife apparently won big this time and security footage showed the victim’s car being followed by two vehicles. The driver of the one of the vehicles is banned from the casino and tried to be unbanned that very night. The security officer could also state the men who were in the vehicle can also be seen watching the couple during their game play.

- 2014-08-18

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