Striker under Controversy after Wagering on Blackjack Games
Papiss Cisse is a striker for the Newcastle United and a well-known player. He has been photographed on numerous occasions on the field and is known to be a top competitor. The player recently was in the news for not wanting to hit the field after the Newcastle United club decided to start a sponsorship with Wonga.

Cisse stated he did not want to play on the team who accepted a sponsorship from Wonga who he considers to be ‘legal loan sharks’. The player is a Muslim and according to the Muslim religion, those practicing must not borrow money. So the new partnership with Wonga does not meet the player’s standards according to his religion.

The pre-season tour was without Cisse after the new sponsorship was announced but now Cisse has made the news yet again after it was found he was wagering funds. The player was seen hitting the blackjack tables and this could affect his stance against the new partnership of his team. The picture was sent to twitter and shows Cisse at the blackjack table.

The picture was said to be taken by Andrew McNally, a fan of the Newcastle team. McNally apparently followed the story of Cisse and found it odd he was at the gambling tables. The photo was reportedly taken at the Aspers Casino and the striker was said to have been wagering 10 to 20 each hand. McNally spoke with the Daily Mirror and stated that the player was placing wagers with 5 chips.

The player further stated: “A number of fans have said that they have seen him in there. You have to say it does undermine his stance on Wonga.” It will be interesting to see if the player comes back and says anything about being seen at the gambling tables.

- 2013-07-25

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