Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem Blackjack Dealer Overpays Gamblers
Blackjack dealers at casinos in the United States are supposed to conduct themselves in relation to the regulations of the facility. Rules are to be followed as the dealer has the chips as well as cards in their hands so to speak. While most dealers have integrity and act accordingly, there are those who try to cheat the system. It is not unheard of for a dealer to break the rules and give payouts when they are not earned. This is exactly what a dealer in Pennsylvania is being accused of.

The Pennsylvania State Police have reported that three gamblers were overpaid by a blackjack dealer at the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, located in the state. Supervisors of the table games saw the dealer, Sergio Sanchez-Roman paying winning wagers when they were not actual wins.

Surveillance footage was reviewed from the 12th to the 14th of last month and showed that the overpayments were made. Toke wagers, a separate bet made as a tip to the dealer, were mistreated and this lead to the casino losing more than $2,200.

The dealer was sent to court and Senior District Judge Anthony G. Rapp Jr. was assigned to the arraignment. Charges of theft and unlawful taking with intent to defraud were placed on Sanchez-Roman, with the charged released on bail of $5,000. A preliminary hearing has been set for August.

This is just one instance of a how dealer will try to cheat the casino. Dealers normally partner with players to place late bets or do as this dealer did with the Toke wagers to be able to gain money when there is no official win. Supervisors usually catch on to such activity over time which leads to the surveillance footage being reviewed and the activity determined as was in this case.

- 2016-06-25

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