Prison Gang member arrested for passing fake money at blackjack tables
The Nazi Low Riders is a large prison gang that runs rampant in the California prison system. A well known member of this gang was recently arrested along with his wife for visiting a casino in California and trying to play blackjack with counterfeit bills.

Donald Thrash and Kerry Thrash were visiting the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino which is located in California when they passed a few counterfeit one hundred dollar bills. The couple was playing high stakes blackjack and they thought they would pay with fake bills to cheat the casino.

The Secret Service was working on this case and they found that the couple had tried to pass thousands of dollars in counterfeit bills at several casinos in the state. there were several agencies included in this investigation including: the Secret Service, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, California Bureau of Gambling Control, US Justice Department and the Riverside County District Attorney and Sheriff’s Department.

The couple allegedly washed real five dollar bills in industrial chemicals and then used top notch printers to change the notes into hundred dollar bills. The new bills dried and the couple then hit the various casinos so they could hit the blackjack tables without losing any money of their own.

It was a short time later that the security at the casino caught on to the couple’s suspicious behavior. The couple was looked over and it was found they held the counterfeit money as well as fake ID’s, stolen credit cards as well as drugs.

The couple was charged with a number of charges including burglary, grand larceny, passing counterfeit currency, credit card fraud, criminal street gang enhancement and possession of a controlled substance. The couple faces over one hundred years each in prison for these charges.

- 2011-02-07

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