Mohegan Sun Casino Charges Blackjack Cheaters
Cheaters never win, though they always try. It seems like more often than not, a story is found in the news, reporting a casino gambler who tried to beat the house using unnecessary means. Cheaters can try to beat the system by working with dealers or employees of the casino or use a strategy at the gaming table to try and beat the system. Either way, cheaters are caught more often than not, leaving the player charged with a crime and out a ton of cash.

The latest instance of cheating comes from the Mohegan Sun Casino. A blackjack dealer, Roy Mariano and Marlene Rivera worked together to earn over $78,000 from the casino. The blackjack dealer would overpay Rivera during game play, able to take the money before the casino caught on.

Mariano stated, once caught, that he took the money because he was upset that his hours had been cut. Stating he needed the money, he agreed to the scam that he says was created by Rivera. However, she says the opposite, that she was approached by Mariano to try and steal the money from the casino.

Both Mariano and Rivera face first-degree larceny charges with Mariano pleading not guilty. Rivera has yet to plea. The charges stem from the casino discovering that Mariano was sneaking $100 chips during game play with Rivera, who was playing $5 hands. He would sneak the higher chips into the lower stacks during game play.

Surveillance footage of the casino shows the two taking part in the scam, with footage
actually covering 16 different instances. The two were able to conduct the scam the entire month of August, earning the massive amount of cash before they were detected. The two now face severe charges for trying to cheat the casino out of money that is not rightfully theirs.

- 2015-12-04

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