Iowa casino under investigation for underage gambling
The Grand Falls Casino located in the state of Iowa is under investigation for underage gambling. Investigators of the Division of Criminal Investigation has found that employees of the Big and Rich band, which were underage, were on the casino floor, playing the game of blackjack.

Surveillance footage has been reviewed and investigators have spoken with the Big and Rich band to try and put their case together. Investigators were able to find out the identity of the two girls and that they were in fact underage.

Patrick Townsend, a DCI agent spoke to KELOLAND News and he stated: "We were able to get a hold of the band that the girls were under contract and signed a waver form. Then using the information to check driver's licenses information, [we] also verified through video those were the right girls we have and that they were under 21 years of age.”

The girls apparently gained access to the casino games once the concert was over. The footage from video cameras shows the girls wandering off and playing blackjack. One girl was seen placing at least one bet at the blackjack tables. Just a short time after the bet, the girl was questioned and then removed from the premises by a security guard.

It was found that the minors did not drink alcohol on the casino floor. It has not been announced as to if the girls or the casino will face charges or fines. Townsend says he will have to have a conversation with the county attorney and then give him the report of the incident. Once the report has been read and the facts are clear, it will be announced as to whether either party will have to pay for the incident.

- 2012-07-31

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