Former Legislator Banned for Blackjack Cheating
Doug Skaff is a former legislator in the state of West Virginia who has now seen his name placed on the ban list for casinos statewide. Skaff pled no contest to blackjack cheating while playing the game at the Greenbrier resort.

The plea agreement was set last month as Skaff was convicted of cheating during blackjack gaming which is a misdemeanor. Skaff had to pay $416 in fines plus court costs and restitution to the Greenbrier Resort.

It was back in May that Skaff was escorted from the premises of the Greenbrier casino after he was found to be cheating at the game of blackjack. Skaff stated he got caught up in the excitement of the blackjack table and did not realize his actions at the time he was
conducting himself.

A criminal complaint by State Police shows that Skaff had adjusted his wagers at the blackjack game improperly several times. In the complaint, Skaff reportedly added and removed $100 chips of his wagers illegally. This is called ‘capping’ and is not legal during game play.

It was the video surveillance cameras that were able to determine that Skaff was changing the chip counts and employees of the casino plus an investigator from the West Virginia Lottery called the police on May 15th when the incident occurred.

Skaff only earned $250 in the process and due to his cheating actions, has earned a 90 day sentence of unsupervised probation. He will also have to pay the fines, restitution and court costs. He has also been placed on the ban list for every casino in the state due to his actions. With just one move, Skaff lost the ability to enjoy casino gaming. The casinos will have his picture and name on record, not allowing him to enter based on the banning list.

- 2015-11-19

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