Blackjack player offended by casino’s English Only rule
The Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort located in Mount Pleasant is one that offers a nice selection of casino gaming, including the game of blackjack. Players can pull up a seat at the table and enjoy the game with the chance to win a nice cash payout if they hit 21. Rana Chevalier was one player who visited the casino recently, traveling with her mom and sister to enjoy the casino games.

The women were soon very unhappy with their experience at the casino when they found out the blackjack table has an ‘English Only’ rule. Players are not allowed to speak any other language at the table. The women were speaking Chaldean to each other when they were notified that they had to speak English.

The women were able to speak to each other in this manner until the pit boss walked up and said they had to revert back to English. The women felt discriminated, believing they should be able to speak how they wish. The operator of the casino, the Saginaw Tribe of Chippewa Indians, released a statement on the policy, to try and smooth things over.

According to the statement, the rule has been in place for several years as a way to protect the venue against cheating. The rule is not to disrespect or being racially charged, but to protect the game as it takes place. Other casinos around the world have taken on similar policies, according to the tribe.

Chevalier stated she does understand the reasoning of the rule but was in shock as to the way she was told to stop speaking a different language. It was how she said it that hurt the player’s feelings. She felt that the way the incident was handled could have been better and they would have felt less discrimination during the incident.

- 2015-12-15

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