Blackjack player leaves game and steals cash to keep playing
Most of the time, when a blackjack gamblers runs out of money, they stop playing the game. For one man of West Virginia, he had different plans. Kerry Johnson, age 52, was playing blackjack at the Mardi Gras Casino when he ran out of funds. Instead of quitting, Johnson decided to rob a bank and then return to the table to play after gaining the funds.

The bazaar incident did not go unnoticed and Johnson was found the very next day and arrested. When Johnson left the blackjack table he went to the City National Bank this past Tuesday at around 3:30 pm and robbed the facility, handing the teller a note. In the note, Johnson said he had a weapon and a bomb and demanded money. Once the money was given to Johnson, he left the scene. Bank employees noted the vehicle Johnson left in which surely helped in finding out who had committed the crime.

Johnsonís home was inspected and a yellow legal pad was found that matched the paper used to create the note. Money was also found under Johnsonís couch where a cushion was out of place. The sum of the money was not reported by police as of yet.

Once confronted, Johnson stated he was at the casino from 10 in the morning until 4:30 pm. However it was discovered by detectives later on that Johnson had left the venue during the time frame that the robbery took place. Johnson came back to the gaming table and was able to continue with the blackjack game, with the stolen cash in his hands.

The blackjack player now faces bank robbery charges and will be held in the local jail with a bond set at $50,000. This is certainly an odd instance and one that has never been heard of before in the gaming community, with a player actually leaving the table to rob a bank and then return to play with the stolen cash!

- 2016-08-05

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