Blackjack Player Charged with Illegal Financial Transactions
Richard Dougherty is a blackjack player and member of a card counting team which was created by Tom Hyland. The card counter was recently charged for criminal activity. Dougherty was charged with the crime of illegal financial transactions at a local Kansas City casino.

Dougherty has been accused of visiting the Ameristar Casino in Kansas and playing the game of blackjack. The player was able to win close to $500,000 and instead of caching in the chips in the full amount each time, the gambler cashed in for increments less than $10,00 each so a report would not be created for the currency transaction.

Tammy Dickinson a US attorney with the Western District of Missouri stated that Dougherty is guilty of this action. The transaction reports are normally used to help authorities to determine if illegal activity is taking place such as money laundering, tax evasion and trafficking of drugs.

Authorities have filed a criminal complaint against Dougherty which lists forty three different transactions that involved cash and/or chips. These transactions took place between February 2012 and March of this year.

The card counter now faces charges for his actions and will most likely face jail time or have to pay a fine. The group that Dougherty is involved with is as large as forty people and many members have to use disguises when they visit casinos as they have been banned from casinos across the United States. This fact does not apply to the casinos located in the state of Missouri since they do not ban card counters from their facilities.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Dougherty and the Ameristar casino. Will he face severe charges for his actions or will he be able to face lesser charges for not taking the proper actions when cashing in winnings.

- 2013-04-10

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