Blackjack Player Arrested for Cheating
When playing the game of blackjack at a casino, players have to stay in line with the rules and regulations of the casino. The rules of the game must be followed to stay in line with the state gaming regulations set in place. When a player tries to break the rules, they are eventually caught. Casinos have cameras in place to catch potential cheaters and dealers know how to catch players who may not be following the rules to a tee.

The most recent instance of cheating at a casino with blackjack comes from the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem of Pennsylvania. The casino found that a player was using a past post betting method to try and earn an easy win. This method means a player is setting their wager after the cards have been dealt, which is not allowed.

The player in question hails from New Jersey and goes by Christopher Jenkins. The thirty two year old was visiting the Sands Casino Resort in the early morning hours of this past Sunday when he tried to post late bets not once but twice. He was caught in the act and security had to place him under arrest for his actions.

After he was caught cheating, he was taken into custody and asked for his identification. After providing false identification, Jenkins now faces charges for cheating at gaming, providing false identification and theft by deception. He currently resides in the Northampton County Prison after he was unable to post bail of $5,000.

Players must make the right decision during game play to stick to the rules to avoid jail time and any charges on record. By following the rules, players can have fun and enjoy time spent at the blackjack tables without any repercussions, except losing money! If Jenkins had followed the rules, he would not be facing jail time or the current charges.

- 2015-11-12

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